What to Expect

  • The shoot will last about two hours, but can sometimes run a little longer – and I don’t like to put a cut-off time on it if we’re having fun.
  • Shoots take place during the week, Monday to Friday. Otherwise on Sundays if I have availability.
  • Early evening in summer is ideal, but indoor shoots can be done at any time.
  • As a woman myself, I understand the challenges that the boudoir can present. Be assured: whether you are totally body-confident or shy about your “bumpy bits”, I will focus on the parts you love about your body. I will guide you along the way and show you how to sit, stand and move your body .The degree of nudity is totally up to you – from all-out nakedness to a subtle hint of skin.
  •  I do basic re-touching on skin surface, but will not make drastic changes in post-production. This is never necessary. The aim of this shoot is to celebrate the skin you’re in…and to show you how beautiful it really is!

Wedding Packages start at
R12 000  

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