Shoot Information

Your boudoir shoot…

  • Will make you feel like the woman you want to be. Sexy. Beautiful. Confident. Promise. I believe that size and shape are absolutely irrelevant – every woman has something that makes her feel feminine, gorgeous and altogether proud of it. The aim of the boudoir shoot is to find that very feeling and capture it.
  • I love to mix documentary-style and portrait photography with an artistic and personal approach. I love playing with movement and shadows and how they interact with the human form. Most of all I love visually expressing the emotion within a moment. Where better than in the boudoir? Yes, it’s normal for some women to start off a little shy, but I’m super relaxed and will have you feeling comfortable in no time at all. Whether your shoot is a gift to your partner, fiancé, or (best of all) to yourself, it will be a celebration of the woman you are.
  • The images don’t need to be overtly sexual or provocative. They can be arty and creative, simple and sensual, or even girlish and cute. Together we will come up with the perfect look and mood for you. Also, all boudoir shoots are done at either your home, or at a B&B, hotel, outdoor spot or secret location of your choice. There’s no pressure. Your comfort levels will set the tone.

Tips for the Shoot

  • Boudoir isn’t about being naked, it’s about feeling confident and beautiful in whatever you choose to wear. So you could bring along some matching sets of lingerie, a nightie, boxer shorts, your partner’s shirt (the one you love him wearing), a favourite pair of jeans, or something more tempting or daring….the choice truly is yours.
  • Remember to bring a few options, as well as high-heels (if you wear heels). And don’t forget your favourite accessories and jewellery – like pearls, beads, earrings, etc.
  • Steer away from fake-tan unless it’s done professionally. If you’re getting some sun beforehand watch out for strap marks.
  • Your hands and feet will be visible in the photos, so consider a manicure and pedicure – even if you do this yourself so your nails don’t looked chipped.
  • You will feel more confident if you’re true to yourself so I encourage you to chat to me beforehand or via email about your likes and dislikes. For example, if you’re more of a natural, outdoorsy woman, you might prefer minimal make-up, a soft, frilly nightie and a field full of daisies to a vampy get-up worthy of Lady Gaga. But, if you have a secret fantasy of being a 1930s moviestar or Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese, then I can help you make that a reality on film.
  • On that point, I specifically love doing styled shoots. So if you’d like something with a Shakespearian or a 1930s or 1940s feel (or anything else that resonates with you), please let me know so we can use it to flavour your shoot.
  •  You are welcome to do your own hair and make-up, but if you would like the extra pampering of a professional, feel free to refer to my list of service providers.
  • Most B&Bs and hotels aren’t keen on renting out a room for a couple of hours. Perhaps book a room for the night for yourself, or you and your partner to enjoy after the shoot. (He doesn’t even have to know that you had the shoot done.) If you have beautiful natural light in your home, then shooting there is absolutely fine.

What to Expect

  • The shoot will last about two hours, but can sometimes run a little longer – and I don’t like to put a cut-off time on it if we’re having fun.
  • Shoots take place during the week, Monday to Friday. Otherwise on Sundays if I have availability.
  • Early evening in summer is ideal, but indoor shoots can be done at any time.
  • As a woman myself, I understand the challenges that the boudoir can present. Be assured: whether you are totally body-confident or shy about your “bumpy bits”, I will focus on the parts you love about your body. I will guide you along the way and show you how to sit, stand and move your body .The degree of nudity is totally up to you – from all-out nakedness to a subtle hint of skin.
  •  I do basic re-touching on skin surface, but will not make drastic changes in post-production. This is never necessary. The aim of this shoot is to celebrate the skin you’re in…and to show you how beautiful it really is!

Boudoir Packages start at
R3 000  

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