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Some random facts about me…

Free-spirit - Monica Dart

  • It feels completely normal for me to go to far off places and travel on my own. Getting lost in a foreign country, and being anonymous excites me
  • I have won a Fuji Photographic Award two years running.
  • In June 2015 one of my images won in “The Top Best Wedding Photos of 2015“, in the Signature Weddings competition.
  • In 2014 two of my images were selected in the Sunday Times Travel Photographer of the Year Competition – travel weekly, highly commended.
  • In 2015 I won in the travel photographer competition –  in The Independent Traveller, Argus newspaper.
  • My work has been exhibited in London, France and South Africa and I’ve been published in various magazines including Marie Claire, Elle, Your Wedding Day, My Wedding Day and Discovery magazine.
  • I used to work in the music industry photographing musicians and bands. These include Hot House Flowers, Blondie, Steve Winwoood,  Joss Stone and Seal.
  • I studied Fine Art Photography in London and passed with a distinction.
  • Photography is not factory-work. I only take on a limited number of bookings a year so I can give every client the very best of my energy, attention and creativity.
  • I love the word serendipity, not only it’s meaning, but also the way it sounds like honey dripping off a spoon.
  • I was once in the travel section of a bookstore and couldn’t decide where I wanted to go. So I closed my eyes, ran my finger along the shelf and decided that, when I opened my eyes, whatever my finger was touching, that’s where I’d go. It was Cuba. I was there several months later.
  • In January 2015 I found myself back in Cuba again…this time to do a documentary of images of Havanna.
  • Much of my inspiration comes from cinematography. I keep a notebook and pencil in my bag for when I’m at a movie and a creative idea presents itself.
  • I photographed my first recipe book:  “LCHF På Riktigt” by Monique Le Roux Forslund and Published By Pagina Forlags AG in Sweden in 2013.
  • Several months later a selection of my photographs were used in the English version of Monique Le Roux Forslunds book “Low Carb Living For Families” and published in South Africa.
  • I have recently photographed another recipe book in Sweden, “Lär dig leva sockerfritt” which was published in February 2016, by Pagina publishers in Sweden.
  • I’ve travelled the world…and now live in  Cape Town and Sweden.
  • I collect photographic art, and illustrations,  and some of the most inspiring pieces I own are by Cig Harvey, David BaileyNicola Dove and Niki Pilkington.
  • I love working with clients who allow me creative freedom, connect with my work and want something arty, with soul.
  • Thanks to Mel Robbins, my mornings now start off without reaching for my phone.  Meditation, journaling and yoga have become my morning replacements.

Photo: Jacki Bruniquel Photography


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