Björn, Maria & Family | Karlstad | Sweden


I met Björn and Maria several years ago after photographing their son Julian at his nursery school in Sweden.  This year they asked if I would do a photoshoot of the whole family which included them and their four gorgeous sons: two teenagers and two under-sixes.  Every family shoot is unique and different, and I aim to work with the energy of the family and see how they all interact so that everyone is relaxed and enjoys the shoot.

They are such a warm, wonderful and loving family and I could tell by the way they were so easy-going and playful together, that they are a very tight ‘team’. Their two oldest sons are so great with their younger siblings, it was really special to experience.  And how amazing for Björn and Maria to be parents to four sons. I can only begin to imagine the liveliness at home and having to juggle everyone’s timetables.

The shoot took place at Skutberget in Karlstad, on a chilly, fresh November morning.  There is something so still and calming about shooting in winter…I don’t know if it’s the low light or the crispness in the air, but nevertheless, it felt magical.  By the end of the session, my fingers were icy cold, but my heart was warm.




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