Benjamin Button – the Dachshund lost in the wild…and found again!


Benjamin Button, a loveable dachshund, went missing for 3 weeks when he was away with his human parents at Asara Wine Farm.  Friends, family, his parents and the staff at Asara search painstakingly for 3 weeks, not once giving up hope.  His human parents had a ring engraved with the eternity sign on it, and knew in their hearts that they would find him. And they did. They received a call from Asara Wine farm staff, saying he’d been found, and it was the most emotional and best day of their lives.

We only have to stop and think about losing someone or some’thing’ that we deeply love, to get a glimpse of the pain we would endure if it ever happened.  And that in itself can be a bittersweet gift. To make us love more deeply. To appreciate the small moments, and often the insignificant moments that make up our lives.

When I read about Benjamin Button’s story on instagram, I felt a huge lump in my throat. I imagined it could be my fur-child cat, Miss Banksy disappearing. And how I would have done anything in the world to get her back.  With so much negativity on the news and social media, it was great to read Benjamin Button’s heartwarming story. His fierce spirit kept him alive, and a knowingness that his parents were yearning for, and needed him.  Now they are reunited and a family again, and I’m excited to follow all their new, and happy adventures together.

You can follow Benjamin Button here on insta: @benjamin_button_the_dachshund



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