“Viktiga Barn” {‘Weighty Matters/Important Children’} Recipe Book | Sweden


I had the privilege to photograph my 4th recipe book in Sweden. “Viktiga Barn”, roughly translated with a play on words meaning ‘Weighty Matters“, offers recipes on encouraging children, as well as families, to make healthier food choices. In this fast-paced world, where food is often eaten on the go, or where parents need something time-effective to give their children, it’s often easy to make unhealthy food choices.  Viktiga Barn takes the stress out of that, offering straightforward, healthy and fun meals.  The recipe book goes hand with the theory book, “Viktiga Barn: Handboken“, an aid for assisting parents with children who may have addictions to sugar or may need to lose excess weight.  Monique Le Roux Svalberg, (nee Forslund) is a long-standing diet and health author, teacher, chef and mother of 3 who has already published close to 10 books. Her husband Anders, a sociologist who has specialised in addictive behavioural patterns, and also a natural whizz in the kitchen, joined forces with Monique in their first ever book together, to produce a colourful culinary experience. This all happened before they had been married one year! This dynamic duo has spent months researching the handbook, and then even more months planning out the recipes. The recipe book It is filled with nutritious, inspiring meals for the whole family.  What is particularly great about Viktiga Barn is that it contains such a diverse selection of recipe, including savoury snacks, inspiring breakfasts, smoothies, naturally sweet treats like waffles and muffins and so many palate-popping creations.

Viktiga Barn is a carefully curated, well-presented book that will entice even those that don’t usually cook. Having experienced every single recipe in the book first hand, I would like to have given my favourite 3 recipes. But unfortunately, there were just too many that were my favourites, and I often found myself closing my eyes at the mouth-watering flavours that emerged after every bite.

The well-established publishing house Pagina, based in central Stockholm has a thriving team of publishers, designers and editors that work together. They have published a diverse selection of books on food, health, management, self-development and popular science, and they strive to work at the highest level.

I may be a little bias, but hands down, Viktiga Barn is one of the best recipe books for preparing healthy meals for both children and the whole family. Release date in Sweden: late November.  A perfect gift for Christmas!  Hoping that this will be published in English in the future!


















Below from left to right that I’ve photographed:  “Lär Dig Leva Sockerfritt” and the English version “Sugar-free & Carb-conscious“, “LCHF på riktigt”,

“Low-Carb Living For Families” (I only had a selection of my photos in this book), and “Sköna böna”.

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