Benny & Pia’s Couple Photo Shoot | Gothenburg | Sweden


I met Swedish photographer, Benny Ottosson a couple of years ago when I was camping with a friend.  I realised when my friend introduced us, that I had heard of Benny already, when I was researching wedding photographers in Sweden.  And I loved his work!  So we stayed in touch and he very kindly referred some of his clients to me for weddings when he was booked up.  We have since built up a friendship, and last weekend I met up with him and his lovely wife, Pia (who also shoots with him) and did a photo shoot of the two of them around Gothenburg.   Gothenburg is the 2nd largest city in Sweden, and a very young and vibrant place to visit and explore.  It was so much fun to do a shoot with the trams all around us, a real feature of Gothenburg.  The trams actually perform about 2000 trips, covering about 30 000 km per day.

I was so impressed to hear that Benny & Pia have been together for 41.5 years and married for 34 years. A true testament to how solid and deep their love is.  When I asked them what their secret is to a long relationship and healthy life,  Benny said “I think the Rolling Stones! Sex, drugs and rock n roll. (laughing) We have changed the drugs to supplements though!”….” No, only joking!”  They haven’t raised their voices at each other for 15 years, and have been through their ‘bump’s’ like every couple, but have come out happier than ever. They decided to fully accept each other as they are, and try not to judge or let their pride or ego’s get in the way, or argue over small things.  And they are constantly thriving to do and be more than the other expects.  They also constantly say ‘I love you’ and kiss every day, believing that the small things are the key to building a stronger relationship.  And how inspiring…they are happier in life and love now than they have ever been.

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