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I would never have believed I could live a ‘double life’…but dreams do come true.  After backwards and forwards from Cape Town to Sweden,   I finally had to make a few decisions.  Out of all the places I’ve travelled to and lived in the world, Sweden has tugged at my heart strings.  Every time I’m flying into Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, my heart is racing and I can’t wait to get off the plane.  One of my childhood friends Monique lives in Karlstad, and through her, a whole new world has opened up for me.  I’ve met amazing people, and built strong friendships, and as a result I’ve decided to live in both Cape Town and Sweden.  And it’s easier than I thought.  Summer in CT, summer in Sweden….and a few  trips in-between. From boating in Stockholm, to camping in Säffle and spending time with friends at their holiday house in Töcksfors… I’ve slowly got a rhythm going which seems to work. I’ll be over in Sweden again next month, and then back a few months later, basing myself in Stockholm.

Stockholm, Sweden’s trendy and diverse capital has so much to offer anyone popping in for a weekend, or spending a few weeks or few months.  I fell in love with the architectural mix of old and new buildings, the openness of the city and the vast expanse of waterways that makes up the archipelago.  It is a charming city, easily explored on foot or by boat. One of my favourite places in Stockholm, is Gamla Stan – ‘old city’ – which dates back to the 13th Century.  It is a tranquil place to blissfully lose oneself in the narrow alleyways and cobbled streets.  In the summer it is a lush green, and at times, it’s hard to believe it’s a city.

Sweden is great for those enjoying the outdoors, and especially for families…. It was great to see my friends children swimming, rolling down hills, having water balloon fights and picking blueberries in the field.  It is just as I’d have imagined Sweden to be, from watching Pippi Longstockings all those years ago! A few changes have happened in the workplace.  I will no longer be taking on shoots in JHB or Durban….and have decided to focus on taking shoots in Cape Town (and surrounding areas) and Sweden.  I’m currently looking for a place to rent in Stockholm, so if anyone out there reading this has any connections, please feel free to pass on their details to me. Here are a few personal photos from my recent trip there.  

Stockholm, Sweden



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  1. Monique 09/11/2014 at 1:15 pm

    Amazeballs! Just love them all!!!! <3

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